Laser Treatment for Hair Loss in London & UK

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss uses equipment that is able to produce low level infrared wavelengths or light that can be directed at your scalp. This light stimulates hair growth by improving blood supply to your hair follicles in a similar way as sunlight improves hair growth during the summer. There are many different clinics that offer laser treatment for hair loss and they all use slightly different laser equipment and techniques. There are even some lasers that you can buy to apply yourself at home, however if you are considering using this option you should be sure to read the instructions carefully and buy a laser that is approved for medical use.

There are clinics all over the UK and abroad that can offer laser treatment for hair loss and they will all vary slightly in the equipment that they use and the price of treatment, so be sure to shop around before you settle on any one clinic. The three main types of lasers are domed lasers, panel lasers (or any type of low level energy laser) or hand held lasers that you could use at home. These can all be found made by various manufactures to emit various different wavelengths of light (although they generally will emit infrared light) either as a continuous stream or by pulsing on and off. Different hair loss clinics will have different equipment and will therefore offer you a different treatment plan depending on the density of the laser diodes in their machine and their suggested treatment length and session length. Laser treatment for hair loss can be carried out on both men and women.

The results of laser treatment for hair loss are not immediate and commonly take between six and twelve months before you start to see an increase in your hair growth and a reduction in your hair loss. This can be frustrating if you are looking for a quick fix solution (and if you are keen to see an immediate effect then you might want to consider a more invasive method such as a hair transplant which will provide you with an almost immediate result (depending on your chosen method). However, if you are looking to increase the density of your hair in a gradual or more subtle way, then laser treatment for hair loss may well be for you. Laser treatment for hair loss is thought to be most effective if used before you get to an advanced stage of hair loss so if you already have completely bald areas on your head you should realise that laser treatment will not be effective on these areas. However, laser treatment has been found to be effective on all hair types and has additional healing properties due to the way in which the laser stimulates the blood circulation around your scalp.

What is Laser Treatment for Hair Loss?

Laser treatment for hair loss is a technique that uses light (at a specific frequency) to stimulate your hair growth. It is best used at an early stage of hair loss when your hair follicles will still be receptive to the stimulation of the laser.

There are three main types of laser treatment for hair loss that all act to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. One involves sitting underneath a dome shaped laser device which delivers infrared light over you scalp, another involves Low level laser therapy (which describes laser treatment that does not break the skin at all) and the final types include all the devices that you can apply yourself at home.

The results of most of these treatments are enhanced if they are used in conjunction with other treatments for hair loss, typically certain types of medication.

How does Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Work

Your hair follicles are stimulated to grow more by certain frequencies of light (typically within the infrared range) because this particular frequency increases the blood flow around your hair follicles. This is why you may find that your hair grows quicker in the summer compared to the winter.

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss uses low energy infrared light in a similar way by directing the pulses of light at your scalp which allows the light to pass deep into your scalp to the roots of your hair follicles. Here it is able to stimulate the circulation of blood within the small capillaries that flow close to your hair follicles. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to your hair follicles and gives them the energy that they need in order to grow. The increased growth of the individual follicles is therefore produced when the blood supply is improved by the laser treatment and increases the cell metabolism of your hair (allowing more proteins to be made, which are turned into hair and result in hair growth).  

In addition, the light waves emitted by the laser are thought to break down the molecule known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is produced by the combination of androgen and testosterone (which are two male hormones that are known to be involved in balding) and acts to increase hair loss. The destruction of DHT by the laser treatment will reduce hair loss and combine with the increased hair growth due to follicle stimulation to give you an overall result of reduced balding and increased growth.

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