Compare Halo Elite & Other Hair Replacement Techniques

There are many different types of hair replacement methods and hair loss treatments on the market at the moment and it can sometimes be difficult to see the differences between the methods. This can make it hard to decide which treatment most suits your requirements. It is a good idea to spend some time getting to know all the different treatment options before settling on a single method. However, you may have already decided that Halo Elite therapy is right for you (either from extensive personal research or through a friend’s recommendation). In either case, it is a good idea to really think about the pros and cons of each treatment method to ensure that you are not missing out or making an impulsive and uninformed decision.

Difference between Halo Elite & Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Compared to some of the more surgical procedures for hair replacement therapy (such as strip hair replacement), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is relatively non-invasive and is performed under local anaesthetic. However, it is still a much more invasive method compared to the Halo Elite treatment for hair loss. This is due to the fact that FUE involves the removal of groups of hair follicles (a follicular unit) from a donor area (usually from the back of your head near your neck line, or from another area of your body where you still have good hair coverage). The follicular unit is removed using a specialised instrument and replaced straight into an area of your scalp that has previously been prepared for re-implantation of the follicular unit (where you have thinning hair). The re-implantation area is prepared by the removal of small pieces of skin (so that there is room for the donor hair follicles to be implanted. In this way you may be left with small, circular, white scars in your donor area where the follicular units have been removed, but these are relatively invisible once your hair has grown back in the donor areas.   

The big difference between Halo Elite treatment and FUE treatment for hair loss is the time scale of the visible results. Whilst it may take around 6 months to notice any visible change in your hair thickness and quality with Halo Elite therapy, the results from your FUE treatment will be immediate. This difference will be important to you if you have a big event coming up soon that you wish to have a fuller head of hair for or if you wish to undertake a treatment where the change will be more subtle so that fewer people will realise that you are having hair loss treatment.

If you are completely bald or scored highly on the Hamilton-Norwood scale for men or the Savin scale for women, then you may find that you are more suitable for treatment with FUE compared to treatment with Halo Elite. This is because laser treatment requires you to have working hair cells that will respond to stimulation by the lasers whilst the hair replacement method offered by FUE simply requires that you have some hair (either on your head or elsewhere on your body) that can be used as donor hair.

Difference between Halo Elite & Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is a relatively new method that involves removing individual hair follicles from a donor area and re-implanting them into the thinning (or bald) areas of your scalp). Due to the fact that DHI removes a single hair at a time, the success rate of hair regrowth is much higher than with other replacement methods and you will experience no scarring or stitching. DHI is carried out under local anaesthetic and could therefore be seen as being more invasive than the Halo Elite method for hair loss treatment; however it is certainly one of the least invasive hair replacement methods if you are looking for an immediate increase in hair coverage.

You may want to consider having DHI instead of Halo Elite treatment if you are completely bald (or scored highly on the Hamilton-Norwood or Savin scale) as Halo Elite requires a certain number of your current hair follicles to respond to laser stimulation in order to work. In addition, you may want to consider using DHI treatment instead of Halo Elite treatment if you are looking for a more immediate result after your hair loss therapy session.

Difference between Halo Elite & STRIP

STRIP treatment for hair replacement involves a surgical procedure where (literally) a strip of your scalp that is covered with hair is cut out and surgically stitched into an area of your scalp where you are experiencing hair thinning or balding. Whilst this may sound quite an extreme method, the results have been shown to be extremely successful (an immediate). The strip that is cut out from your donor area is often cut up into smaller segment before being re-stitched into your scalp in order to create a more balanced hair coverage. In addition, your STRIP surgeon will be sure to sew up the wounds created by the extraction of the strip in a way that produces the least visible scar. This will involve stitching along your hair line and making the original incision in line with your skin cell growth.

STRIP is arguably one of the more invasive methods of hair replacement treatment and you should only consider this method if you are happy to leave the treatment room in bandages and to spend some time on aftercare. There are more risks involved in STRIP compared to Halo Elite due to the surgical methods used and you will experience scarring if you use this method. However, the main advantage of STRIP over Halo Elite is its immediate results (although these may not be seen until you are happy that the swelling has reduced and the scarring no longer shows).

Difference between Halo Elite & Other Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

There are many different types of laser treatment available on the market at the moment. These include lasers for home use and many different types and forms of lasers available in different clinics. Often the main difference between the different laser treatments is the type of light emitted by the lasers and the cost.

The type of light emitted by the lasers is really important as there are only certain wavelengths and frequencies of light that have been scientifically shown to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss. This means that if you are considering undertaking laser therapy for hair loss you should be sure to research the type of laser that your chosen clinic uses. This is important as there are horror stories of people spending large amounts of money on laser hair replacement treatment only to find that they had been “treated” with nothing more than red light for months! The Halo Elite laser diodes have been approved for use in hair loss treatment by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which means that you can be sure that it has been scientifically proven to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.

You may want to consider using a hand held laser treatment device if you have the type of lifestyle where you move around a lot and can therefore not commit to visiting a single Halo Elite clinic on a regular basis over a large period of time. However, it might be a good idea to get the advice of your GP before you use one of these laser devices to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. This is especially important if you suffer from epilepsy, photosensitivity or have cancer.

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