Is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Painful?

Due to the fact that you will have your DHI procedure carried out under local anaesthetic together with the fact that only a single hair is extracted (and implanted) at a time, you will be virtually pain free for the duration of the procedure. Some people may feel a small amount of irritation after the procedure (as the implanted hairs settle into their new positions) but many people are completely pain free. Typically, irritation that you experience will be very mild and would reduce after around six weeks (which is about the time it takes for your implanted hair to start to grow).   

Obviously the amount of pain that you experience from you DHI procedure will depend on the amount and position of your bald areas, your hair type and the amount of hair that you wish to be extracted and implanted. It will also depend on your personal pain threshold and your body’s natural recovery rate.

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