Scars from Hair Transplants

Occasionally patients who have received hair replacement surgery do incur scarring from this procedure. This typically occurs in the location which the hair follicle implants are taken from – usually an area around 1cm wide and 30cm long. It can also occur that the small incisions used to insert the hair follicle implants can scar a little, or possibly become infected. The risk of this is significantly increased when artificial hair plugs are being used, and as such the NHS does not recommend this type of procedure.

Surgical techniques to reduce scarring

Some surgical procedures attempt to minimise the chance of scarring in the most obvious place, which is at the incision at the back of the head. One such technique for hair transplants is individual follicle extraction which takes hair cells from the scalp individually, or in small groups. This removes the need for one long incision. These techniques are experimental and more complex and time consuming than the standards procedure. However if you are greatly concerned about the possibility of scarring, it might be worth discussing these options

The risks of scarring from hair transplants

The risk of significant scarring with a hair transplant is relatively low, however there is a risk with any type of invasive procedure, especially where an incision is made, that some scarring will occur. Many of those who do experience scarring find that it is very minimal and that with a little care you can disguise the scar by brushing your hair over the area. While the risks are low, as the procedure is very common and widely practised, it is still important to discuss any and all possible outcomes and side effects with your consultant and GP before agreeing to undertake any procedure, and you also ought to ensure that your clinic provides a comprehensive after-care program which you can consult if any adverse effects do occur.

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