Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Procedure

When you come in for the surgery, the surgeon should go over the procedure once more and may draw on the scalp to show the desired hairline. Your scalp will be numbed with localised anaesthesia which may hurt initially, but during the surgery you will feel no pain. The patient may be able to watch a video or listen to music in some clinics, others give you a light sedative to relax you and help you sleep during the procedure.

Both micrografting and FUE utilise the follicular unit in their transplantation procedures. The difference is that in micrografting a strip of scalp is removed and the follicular units are then taken from the scalp strip. FUE similarly employs the ‘natural’ method of follicular unit transplantation, but takes the units directly from the scalp one at a time and does not need to remove a strip or large section of scalp. The surgeon will remove each unit personally and insert it into tiny punctures in the scalp made from a needle, scalpel, or laser. Once the units are in place, the blood from the punctures will coagulate around the follicular unit, holding it and the hairs in place. This is a lengthy and work-intensive process so FUE will probably take longer to transplant smaller amounts of grafts than would micrografting.