Halo Elite Risks, Dangers & Safety

Halo Elite’s Folli Cure therapy has been developed by a company that has a long and respected track record in developing instruments for medical use. The lasers used within the Halo Elite device are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are classed as 3A lasers (for use in medical applications). This proves that they have been approved for safe use in the treatment of hair loss therapy. However there may still be risks involved that have not yet been discovered or side effects that occur after the therapy has been completed

Risks of Halo Elite Treatment for Hair Loss

The lasers used within the Halo Elite device are non-thermal. This means that they do not produce any heat when they are directed at your hair follicles. The non-thermal properties of the lasers significantly reduce the risks of injury from the treatment and there is no danger of receiving burns or blisters from the Folli Cure therapy. In addition the laser treatment is non-toxic and non-surgical so there are no risks of these natures involved.

Dangers of Halo Elite Treatment for Hair Loss

One of the biggest dangers of Halo Elite therapy is from the effects of the lasers themselves if you are photosensitive or suffer from epilepsy. Your Halo Elite therapist will want to carry out a patch test on a small area of your scalp if you suffer from photosensitivity in order to test for any adverse reactions. This of course will incur an element of danger as you may well have an adverse reaction to this test (so you will need to fill in a consent form before this is carried out). If you are epileptic then you will need to have a signed consent form from your GP in order to have Halo Elite therapy for hair loss and you will be asked to keep your eyes shut throughout the therapy session to reduce the danger of the light from the laser triggering an epileptic fit.

Safety of Halo Elite Treatment for Hair Loss

Your safety during your Halo Elite therapy is ensured by your fully trained Halo Elite therapist. You will not be allowed to undertake your treatment until you have filled in and signed a pre-screening questionnaire and had an initial consultation. This is to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for Halo Elite therapy. For example if you are found to have active cancer on your scalp then you will not be allowed to undertake Halo Elite therapy for hair loss as the risks would be too great that the treatment might make your cancer worse. The results of your initial consultation will also allow your Halo Elite therapist to make any precautions or changes to your therapy in order to enhance your safety (such as doing a patch test if they feel that you have a medical condition that puts you at a high risk of having an adverse reaction to the laser therapy treatment). 

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