Hair Transplant Appointment Booking

Finding the right surgeon can be a difficult decision and it’s important to explore many options before committing yourself to one surgeon. While making your initial booking, it’s a good idea to try several different doctors to find your ideal clinic. You can ask your NHS doctors or GP for advice on where to find a good hair transplantation specialist, but know that this is not your GP’s specialty so he/she may not have the best answers for finding a cosmetic surgeon and it may better to try and find a specialty hair clinic. However, these private clinics are often less than impartial about the value and skill of their techniques so asking your GP for a list of surgeons or dermatologists who specialise in this field may help you with your decision making. When shopping for clinics, don’t just settle for the biggest, flashiest surgery you can find; quantity does not always mean quality especially in a surgical procedure which will permanently affect your appearance. Likewise, don’t depend on your hairstylist or an advertisement on television to refer you to the correct surgery. Make sure that your doctor or the clinic specialises in hair-based cosmetic surgeries as many cosmetic surgeons only do hair transplants on the side and therefore do not have the experience of extensive previous surgeries performed on others.

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