Why do People Go Bald?

The main cause of baldness is due to hormonal imbalances which can be caused by genetic factors or due to outside factors or a change in lifestyle or diet.

Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss generally occurs from the front of the head around to the crown and usually leaves a reasonable spread of hair around the back and sides of your head. Male balding often runs in families as it is thought to be genetic. This genetic factor is thought to occur due to the effect that your genes have on the expression of your hormones. Hormonal imbalance is the main cause of baldness where the balding areas are found to be overly sensitive to the male hormone testosterone, which reduces the density of hair growth.   

Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is often caused by a hormonal imbalance where the amount of androgen (a male hormone) becomes more influential than the amount of oestrogen (a female hormone) circulating around the body (and therefore, the amounts present in the scalp region). If you are female and have recently noticed an increase in the amount of hair that is falling out when you have a shower or brush your hair then you could be at risk of developing female baldness (known as Androgenetic alopecia).

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