Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Clinics

There are many laser clinics both in the UK and abroad and they all hold slightly different laser equipment. This includes lasers from different manufacturers, different types of lasers (domed, tri-panelled, hand held), different laser diode densities and lasers that emit different light frequencies (where some lasers might also act as phototherapy emitters as well as infrared emitters) etc. This means that it is really important that you allow yourself to shop around and investigate as many different clinics as you can. Obviously if location is important to you (and it should be, as you may be visiting the clinic anything up to once a week for anything up to 18 months) then this will immediately narrow your search down. However you also need to be aware that different clinics will have different price ranges and will have different standard treatment regimens (with one clinic offering treatment spread over a year and another offering a similar package with less frequent visits spread over 18 months) so you should be sure to select a clinic that can offer you the treatment plan that suits your lifestyles (and your budget).

How to Find Your Local Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Clinic

As with most things now, the best place to start looking is on the internet. However, if you are already seeing your GP about your hair loss then you may find that your GP has links to particular local clinics and may be able to provide you with a discount voucher. The best way of finding your laser treatment clinic may be to take a recommendation from a friend or colleague as this will allow you to see the potential results that you might expect and get the inside scoop on the friendliness of the staff. This is particularly important as you will be potentially visiting the clinic over a long time period so it is important that you feel welcome there as well as knowing that they offer a good and safe service.

Who can perform the Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Procedure

Therapists or hair stylists that have had specific training in the set up and operation of laser devices are able to perform laser treatment for hair loss within the setting of the clinic. Most clinics will display the training certificates on the wall so that you can see them, but if you have any doubt then you should consider asking what training your therapist has been given. This training will ensure your safety so it is important that you feel confident in the training that has been carried out by your therapist (or hair dresser).

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