Halo Elite Treatment

The Halo Elite treatment itself will begin as soon as you book your appointment after you have had your first Halo Elite consultation. In fact, some clinics might even offer to give you your first set of treatment straight after your initial consultation. However, if you feel uncomfortable about this and want more time to consider your treatment, and then allow yourself to go home without signing up for long term treatment and give yourself time to think about it and discuss it with your friends and loved ones. Halo Elite treatment can be a financial burden so you should be sure that it is something that you want to spend your hard earned money on before you sign on the dotted line.

Planning Your Halo Elite Treatment

You will want to spend some time discussing your treatment plan with your Halo Elite therapist. This will involve working out how long each of your Halo Elite sessions will last (although they are typically 12 ½ minutes long or so) and how long your total treatment plan will take. For example you may plan to have 18 months of treatment, visiting your Halo Elite clinic once every two weeks for a 12 ½ minute session. This will have been carried out during your initial Halo Elite consultation, however now you need to actually book your treatment times and dates. Be sure to have your diary to hand so that you can book in regular appointments that you won’t forget about. Try to book the appointments at times where you will not be stressed to get to your appointment or be stressed about needing to leave quickly to get to your next engagement.

This time planning is important both because it will make your Halo Elite treatment seem less like a chore and because stress hormones will actually increase your rate of hair loss (thus completely negating the positive effect of your Halo Elite therapy!. For example, you should be sure to check whether your Halo Elite clinic routinely washes your hair and head before commencing laser therapy as this will lengthen the amount of time that you will need to spend in the clinic during each treatment session.

The Halo Elite Treatment Itself

When you enter your chosen Halo Elite Clinic you will be motioned to a chair and your coats and bags will probably be stored somewhere for you. This will very much mimic the experience that you have at a hair salon so you should feel very relaxed and at home in your clinic. The area of your scalp to be treated by Halo Elite should be clean and there should be no oil or dirt on your head (as this will interfere with the laser treatment). You may find that your clinic routinely washes your hair and head before starting the laser treatment for precisely this reason.

During your treatment you will need to sit with your head within a dome shaped device that houses the Folli Cure lasers. Most clinics will require you to wear special glasses during your treatment to protect your eyes from the effect of the lasers. This is a precaution as all of the lasers will be directed at your scalp so there should be no risk of any of the laser light being directed at your eyes. The dome shape of the Halo Elite instrument allows the lasers to be at exactly the right distance and location on your head to provide the best light output to increase the growth of your hair and reduce your hair loss. Your Halo Elite therapist will explain everything to you when you sit down so that you know what is happening throughout your treatment.

Your Halo Elite therapist will remind you that you will need to try to sit still (so that the lasers remain in the same place on your head) and relax during your treatment. Again, relaxing is important as it will reduce your stress hormones that would otherwise increase your risk of hair loss. You will be reminded about the length of time that the lasers will be working and you will be given the opportunity to ask any last minute questions. If this is not your first visit then your Halo Elite therapist will probably want to know how you felt after your previous visit and whether you feel you are starting to see an effect of the treatment or not.

Once your Halo Elite therapist has turned the Folli Cure instrument on, all you have to do is sit back and relax. It is likely that the instrument will make a beeping sound at various intervals during the treatment. This is to allow your Halo Elite therapist to know how the treatment is progressing and when to complete the treatment. Once the final beep has sounded your therapist will remove the dome shaped instrument from your head and you will be free to collect your belongings and leave the clinic.

If you are paying in instalments then you may need to visit the reception of your clinic to make a payment, otherwise you will be free to leave and continue with your normal day. You should be sure to check that your next appointment is booked before you leave to avoid any unnecessary delays in your Halo Elite treatment.

Results of Halo Elite Treatment

The nature of the Halo Elite treatment (via the Folli Cure therapy) means that you will not see a visible change in your hair coverage (or rate of hair loss) immediately. It will often take a number of treatment sessions before you start to see any progress and this can be quite frustrating. Your Halo Elite therapist will have given you an approximate time when you should start to see a result and you should make sure that you stick with the therapy at least up until this point. Whilst some people may find the slow results a drawback of Halo Elite therapy for hair loss, you might also see it as a benefit. The benefit of the gradual increase in hair density and reduction in rate of hair loss means that you will experience a subtle change in your image, so many people who see you on a regular basis may not even notice that you are having hair loss therapy. This aspect of the Halo Elite treatment will be important to you if you are worried about harsh remarks if you have a “quick fix” hair replacement treatment with immediate results.

Halo Elite treatment has been found to produce the result where around19 more hairs will be growing over every centimetre squared of your head. This means that you will have many more hairs over the area of your scalp treated with Folli Cure making your hair look denser. In general, you should expect to see an approximately 25% increase in the density of your hair. This means the results of your Halo Elite treatment will include a reduction in the areas of you head where your hair is visibly thin and an increase in your overall hair coverage.

Your hair will look healthier due to the additional nutrients able to reach your hair cells. This is due to the approximately 50% increase in the amount of blood able to flow through the blood vessels in your scalp. In addition, the increase in lymphatic flow (which takes the unwanted waste products away from your hair cells) will also assist in enhancing the healthiness of your hair. You will also find that your hair feels stronger as the Halo Elite treatment has been found to increase the tensile strength of your hair by approximately 80% which means that it will take more force for you to pull your hair out. This will be important to you if you find that you lose most of your hair when you try to brush or comb it.

You will also see a reduction in the amount of hair loss that you experience so not only will you have more hair, but your rate of hair loss will reduce. This means that the results of your Halo Elite treatment will be more easily maintained and the hair will be less likely to fall back out again. However, if you are in the unlucky 15% of patients, then you may find that you still experience hair loss after having you Halo Elite treatment. This will mean that you will need to work harder to maintain the results provided by your Halo Elite treatment, for example you might want to continue using a home laser device (such as the Laser Comb) or continue to undergo Halo Elite therapy for an elongated period of time.

How long will Your Results from Your Halo Elite Treatment Last

The results produced from your Halo Elite therapy will generally be long lasting although if you continue to experience (even mild) hair loss after your treatment, you may wish to discuss a longer term treatment plan with your Halo Elite therapist that will allow you to maintain your results for longer. You might want to continue to use laser therapy at home on a lower frequency basis (for example you might want to use the laser comb once a month) in order to ensure that your hair density and quality is maintained for a long period of time. Equally, you might want to enjoy the results produced by your Halo Elite therapy and forget all about laser treatment for a while. If you go for this option you may never have to use a laser hair loss treatment again, or you may find that you hair loss returns later in life (as part of the natural process of ageing) and you will always have the option of carrying out further Halo Elite treatment at this point.

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