Hair Transplant Costs & Prices in the UK

Hair transplant costs vary from procedure to procedure, patient to patient, and surgeon to surgeon because price of your individual hair transplant will depend upon the type of surgery you choose, the extent of your hair loss, and the surgeon’s pay scale.

Hair Transplant Procedure Prices

There are typically three types of surgeries to choose from: FUE, micrografting, and strip harvesting.

Cost of FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most expensive as each individual follicular unit must be extracted by hand by the surgeon him/herself. Typical FUE sessions will be around £7,000, but you may be required to undergo multiple surgeries to obtain enough hairs for your desired look so you may be spending upwards of £20,000.

Cost of Micrografting

Micrografting is slightly less expensive as it is less exact. You will pay approximately £2-5 per graft, rather paying a rate per session. Depending on how many grafts you need, with an average being about 1,000, your surgery can be anywhere from £1,000-£9,000. You may be required to sit through multiple sessions with fewer grafts in each surgery, but the net-price is still the same.

Cost of Strip Harvesting

Strip harvesting can be used in both methods. If used for FUE, the surgeon and assistants use microscopes to take out follicular units from the strip of donor hair removed from the scalp; if used in micrografting, the strip is cut into small sections comprising several follicular units also by the surgeon and assistants. Obviously, it will be more expensive if used in conjunction with FUE than with micrografting, but it will still be cheaper than individual hair removal FUE techniques.

Personal Prices

Your individual hair loss will also determine the price of your surgery. The more hair loss you have experienced, the more grafts and possibly more surgeries you will need. Each FUE surgery can typically move about 500 grafts, this is the amount a man with lowest level of balding, or a Norwood 2, would need for a complete transplant. In contrast, micrografting sessions can transplant up to 3,000 grafts which places you solidly in the Norwood 3 category. As it is not typically recommended for a Norwood 2 patient to undergo surgery, you will almost of necessity require more than one FUE session unless you only require it for your eyebrows or possibly beard hairs. If you need a lot of grafts, you will need several surgeries and the price will naturally increase.

Surgeon Prices

Each surgeon, depending on the clinic, his/her qualifications, and location, has a particular price range which he/she works under. Ask in advance about the individual clinic’s or surgeon’s prices, research several doctors and compare their prices before agreeing to undergo surgery. Each surgeon should give you a quote after an initial examination when he/she determines how many grafts and surgical sessions you will require to gain your desired look. Some surgeons also have information about financing your surgery and can give you tips about loans for the project.

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