How Long Hair Transplants Last

Micrografts or FUE will last the rest of your lifetime. When the follicles are transplanted to different parts of the scalp, they bond to the cells around them and are nourished by normal blood flow just as they did before they were removed; they are living, natural hairs. However, it will take time for the hairs to grow long enough to be visible. Immediately following the surgery, the hairs should be visible. However, after a few days the hairs will fall out due to shock. Although the hairs are gone, the follicles are still viable and after their first growth cycle between 3-6 months after your surgery they will start to regrow. The surgery will produce a thicker, fuller head of hair, but it does take patience. 

Although the hair transplant itself is permanent, your genetic hair loss is too. Balding may continue after the grafts are transplanted which means that only the DHT-immune hairs from the sides and back of your head which were moved to your scalp would remain intact, thus creating the need for further surgeries to cover the newly balding spots. The transplants themselves will not bald, but the rest of the scalp area may.

It is important to remember that this procedure will be a life-long commitment. If the hair is not transplanted well, there can be scarring, uneven looking hair patches, or your baldness may continue and erode the work of the surgery. Be sure you research the procedure, clinic, and surgeon in depth before deciding to undergo an operation. Many people have success with micrograft or FUE transplantations, but many do not. Being properly educated on the subject will help you achieve a similar result if this is the route you choose.

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