Halo Elite for Hair Loss in Women

If you are a woman then you may already use laser treatment for hair removal so you may not have considered using lasers to treat your thinning or balding hair areas! However, the Halo Elite therapy method is just as applicable to women as men and in fact the female market for hair replacement therapy is growing every year. So, if you are female and have a Savin score of less than three then you should certainly consider using Halo Elite therapy to treat your hair loss problems.

Most Halo Elite clinics will be able to arrange therapy sessions at times that are convenient for you (so you can continue to juggle work, child care, hobbies etc. whilst you are carrying out your Halo Elite therapy to treat your hair loss). If you are currently pregnant then you might want to seek advice from your GP before undertaking Halo Elite therapy for hair loss, however there is no scientific reason why the laser therapy used during your Halo Elite sessions would cause your baby any harm. If you have any significant complications that may already complicate your pregnancy (such as epilepsy or diabetes) then you should always consult your GP before starting any secondary treatment (including hair loss treatment such as Halo Elite therapy).

If you find that your hair loss is made worse by brushing your hair then your Halo Elite therapist may be able to suggest a more gentle brush for you to use that will help to reduce your hair loss. In addition, if you use many hair products, your Halo Elite clinic may want to sell you some alternative products that may do the same thing (i.e. conditioning products or hair spray) but that have the added benefit of increasing the strength of your hair. These products will often complement the stimulating effect of the lasers used as part of your Halo Elite therapy so you should certainly consider swapping them for your usual products, however there will obviously be cost implications involved in buying these products (especially if you intend to use them over a long period).

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