Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Consultation

If you have a high risk of developing baldness and you have started to see a balding area on your scalp, you might want to start to consider booking your initial DHI consultation. This is because the earlier you start, the more donor hair will be available to be implanted into your balding areas (and once the hair has been implanted using DHI it will never fall out). In addition, the immediate effects of your DHI procedure will be less obvious if you have it carried out when you already have a reasonable hair covering on your scalp. So, if you are concerned about people knowing that you have had a hair replacement treatment then you should consider starting DHI earlier rather than later for this reason.

During your initial DHI consultation you should expect to be thoroughly examined so that your DHI transplant doctor can analyse the reason behind your baldness. The most common reason is due to hormonal imbalance (caused by your genetic make-up) but it could also be due to stress, poor nutrition (or bad eating habits) or various types of scalp bacteria. Once your team have analysed your baldness problem they will be in a better position to be able to advice you on how to go forward with your DHI treatment.

Your expectations will be evaluated in order to make sure that you do not have any unrealistic expectations and so the potential results of your procedure can be discussed in a way that answers all of your questions. The number of procedures that you will require to complete your treatment will depend on your personal expectations, the size of your bald area and how much donor hair you have. Your DHI team will be able to use diagnostic tools in order to advice you as to how many sessions that you might require and during this time you will also be able to discuss costs of the treatment and methods of payment.

Typically your initial consultation will take around an hour and you will leave with a clear idea of how your hair pattern could be altered by the procedure and with any questions that you have answered.

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