Am I Suitable for Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)?

If you have only a small amount of hair around the sides or back of your head then you may be unsuitable for DHI as there might not be enough donor hair to be used for the technique. However, you may be able to use donor hair from other areas of your body such as your back or neck or even from another person. You should discuss these options with your DHI transplant team if this is something that you might be interested in doing.

Unlike other hair replacement treatments, you do not need to have a certain hair type in order to be suitable for DHI so if you have curly hair (for example) whilst you might be unsuitable for STRIP and/or FUE, you may well still be able to have DHI. If in doubt you might consider having a consultation with a DHI team in order to discuss your concerns.

In addition, if you have any past or current medical conditions that make you an unsuitable candidate for local anaesthesia then you may also want to consider an alternative to DHI. If you have any concerns about this then you should discuss it with your GP in the first instance and ensure that you DHI treatment team are fully aware of any potential problems.

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