Cost of Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

The total cost of Laser treatment will depend on the clinic you attend, the amount of hair loss that you have, your hair type (which will alter the response that you hair will have to the treatment) and the results that you expect. Typically a single session of laser treatment that might last around one hour will cost in the region of £45 and most clinics would expect you to have around 20-30 sessions in order to complete your therapy (bringing the total cost to around £1125).  

Some clinics may offer seasonal reductions in prices or bulk buy offers which could reduce the total cost of the treatment. However, you should ensure that the treatment is effective for you before you commit to spending a large amount of money on a bulk buy offer as you will not be able to claim a refund if your hair follicles do not respond to the treatment (which occurs in around 10% of cases).

Additional Costs for Alternative Laser Treatment for Hair Loss Methods

Additional costs might include any supplementary techniques that you wish to use to enhance the growth increasing and loss decreasing effects of your laser treatment. This could include the need to buy a hand held device (such as a laser comb) for you to use at home between laser therapy treatment sessions at the clinic which is suggested by many clinics and can significantly increase the speed of visible results of hair growth and reduced hair loss from the laser therapy. In addition you might want to consider buying specialist shampoos or conditioners or other hair products to help you to increase your hair growth and reduce loss. Some clinics may even suggests that you pay for some medication in order to support the laser therapy, but you should speak to your GP before you start taking any prescription medication, especially if you are on any other medication or have previous or current medical conditions that might be worsened (or brought back) by taking the anti-hair loss medication.

An additional cost that you may not have budgeted for will be the cost of travel to and from your clinic. If you have chosen to use a clinic that is very distant from your home then this could add up quite substantially as you may need to visit the clinic every couple of weeks for a good number of months.

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