Hair Transplant Surgery Consultation

During the initial consultation, which generally costs around £50 unless under special no-fee consultancy offer, check if the meeting is with the surgeon and or with the clinic’s consultant. It is the surgeon who will need to analyse your scalp to determine the best procedure for your needs. The surgeon will look at your hairline and determine the amount of work which needs to be done according to the amount of baldness you have on the Norwood or Ludwig Scale. The doctor may also use a densitometer to establish the extent of your hair loss. Once the level of your hair loss has been recorded, it is necessary to then discuss your goals for the surgery as well as your desired outcome. Often patients’ expectations can be too high as they can believe a hair transplantation surgery will magically return them to their younger days; while hair transplantation can dramatically impact your image, it is not a Fountain of Youth. For some, balding will continue throughout their lifetimes so multiple surgeries would be necessary and in some cases there is not enough donor-hair available for such projects.

A good surgeon will talk the potential patient through the pros and cons of the surgery for that individual’s needs, discuss how many surgeries will be required as well as how many grafts you will need, and whether or not this is a feasible task given the amount of donor hair you have and are likely to have over time.

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