Will people know I have had a hair transplant?

If the hair transplant has been done properly, no one should know you’ve had the surgery. Large scars can be avoided with proper medical tools in both the micrografting and the Follicular Unit Extraction methods of transplantation. Within the first, you will have about a 2 mm wide scar hidden underneath your hair on the back of your head. If you are worried that it may show or you have very thin hair on the back, it may be better to go with FUE, a method which does not need to take a strip of scalp off in order to transplant the follicles. The hairs are inserted into tiny slits in the scalp made by razors, needles, or in some cases lasers. They are very small and should not show once they have healed a week after the surgery.

You must take care to find a good surgeon, however, as there is always a risk with surgery, especially cosmetic surgery which is done largely according to the surgeon’s discrimination. Make sure you ask for photos showing 10 shots of previous patients before and after from different angles on the same background and in the same light to measure that surgeon’s work. Also ask for a list of previous patients’ contact information so you can ask if he/she would recommend this doctor. Don’t be afraid to shop around and find the right fit for you. If you feel comfortable in his/her office and are satisfied with his/her previous work, chances are you will be satisfied with this surgeon’s work.

Once you find the right surgeon, make sure you inform the doctor what your expectations are, how you want your hair to look, and ask if the surgeon thinks this is manageable. Disappointment frequently comes from misinformation and mismatched expectations. Also, no matter how good the surgeon is or how much research you have put into it, there is always risk that you will come out with scars, so weigh your options carefully before committing to a permanent cosmetic alteration.