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How can I have thicker hair?

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There is a difference between getting thicker hair and making your hair appear thicker. One way to thicken your hair is by drenching them with proteins. Hair is made up of keratin protein so using shampoos that have wheat, soy, or silk proteins can all boost your hair’s volume. Using protein based shampoos will help enrich your hair because each hair cuticle, the outside of the hair, is made up of tiny pores that look kind like tiny scales under a microscope. When you clean your hair, the scales can open to let the proteins bond with the hair pores to create a slightly thicker hair. Be careful not to overuse these shampoos, however, as they can dry out your hair causing it to break easily.

If the proteins don’t work, then making your hair appear thicker may be the next best option because some of us are just born to have thin hair. There are several ways to achieve a more volumised look by altering your hairstyle and/or hair care products.

Hairstyle & Hair Products

First of all, cutting off some of your hair can do a lot to give you a fuller look. Bobs of all kinds can give your hair a thicker look. If you like longer hair, you don’t have to go so short to get some volume. Hair is made up of dead cells, only the follicle is actually alive and changing. As your hair grows, it gets away from the natural oils in the scalp and can become damaged and broken, giving the ends of your hair a stringy look. If you cut the dead or split ends off the bottom of your hair then it’ll look fuller.

Getting your hair cut in layers can also give it some much-needed thickness. Smaller layers underneath the top layer of your hair can make it fuller while layers at the top and middle give your hair natural body. These layers can then be curled or styled with a straightener for added volume.

When you apply heat or chemicals to your hair, the pores in your hair cuticles open to absorb the heat, dye, or perm as the case may be. While this can damage your hair by stripping the pores when repeated too often and these methods are not necessarily the best way to get healthy or shiny hair, they do help create thicker-looking hair. When the dye is absorbed into the pores, your hair becomes thicker because it bonds to the hair. Wavy hair also looks thicker than straight hair, so a perm can give you body, but beware that it can also give you frizz. Make sure you use proper conditioners to keep it smooth and healthy. If your hair is balding, dye it so that it is close to the colour of your scalp. The less scalp we see, the thicker the hair looks.

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