Am I Suitable for Hair Transplants?

Hair loss can affect both, men and women, the problem of hair loss being mainly hereditary it will depend on genetics as to whether or not you are predisposed to losing your hair.  This doesn’t mean that everyone can be treated or will respond well to hair transplant. 

  • Donor hair is absolutely necessary in order to conduct a hair transplant.  Your surgeon will need enough of your own hair to replace any lost follicles.  If you are almost completely bald it is unlikely that a hair transplant will be possible.
  • People who have thick, curly hair will notice better improvements after a hair transplant than those with thinner or finer hair.  It is still possible for you to have the surgery with fine hair, but the result will not be as aesthetically pleasing as otherwise.
  • If you are balding early and wish to have this surgery before the full extent is completed then you are likely to have to continue to have treatments in order to rectify new bald areas as they appear. 
  • There may be medical reasons why having a hair transplant is not an option for you, although in the majority of cases any medical problems that you do have can be controlled throughout the procedure.  It is very important that you discuss your medical history with your surgeon before having a hair transplant.  This is to ensure your safety throughout the procedure.