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How can I stop things going wrong with Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Although the risks of a hair transplant are quite small, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you are in as little danger of any complications as possible. 

  • Make sure that your surgeon holds all of the proper qualifications necessary to perform a hair transplant and that the clinic or hospital where you are going to have the treatment contains all of the relevant equipment.
  • Stop smoking, if you are a smoker, and try to avoid alcohol for as long a period of time as possible before the surgery.  Smoking and drinking can seriously inhibit the bodies ability to heal, and might lead to an unsuccessful transplant.
  • Give your surgeon all of your medical history so that they know how best to treat you and whether or not certain medications will be alright to use. 
  • Stop taking any immunosuppressive drugs or blood thinners before the surgery.
  • You may need to stop taking certain herbal supplements before the surgery, your specialist will inform you of these.
  • Your surgeon might give you a course of antibiotics to take in order to prevent any infection from causing a problem.
  • Keep your scalp out of the sunlight for as long as possible, wearing a hat when it is sunny.  This will help you to avoid any changes in the skin colour of your scalp.

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