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How should I prepare for Hair Transplants?

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Before deciding on surgery it is important to discuss your thoughts with your GP.  More and more GPs are coming to understand the emotional and psychological problems that can be attributed to hair loss, and as a result are likely to take your concerns seriously and offer you helpful advice. You might be referred to a trichologist, a hair specialist, or you might wish to bypass your GP and seek one privately. 

You cannot be sure as to what expectations you can have from hair transplant surgery until you have had a consultation with your surgeon or with a hair specialist such as a trichologist.

Due to the surgical nature of a hair transplant you will need to prepare as with any other form of surgery.  Your surgeon will give you precise information but it is likely that you will need to:

  • Stop smoking as far as two weeks before your surgery
  • Not cut your hair for weeks before the surgery so it is easier to take donor hairs and for your surgeon to see which areas are a concern.
  • Avoid certain foods, drinks, vitamins or supplements.
  • Change some medications if you are on any.
  • Arrange for someone to help you after the surgery as you will not be able to drive for a specified amount of time. 

It is also quite likely that you will have to have some follow up surgery after your initial hair transplant.  This will cost you more money, and will be necessary if your initial follicle replacement didn’t work or if you continue to lose hair after the procedure.  It is important that you prepare for such an event, otherwise your hairline could end up patchy and unnatural. 

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