What can I expect from Hair Transplant?

It is very important to be realistic when thinking about having hair transplant surgery and to seek advice as to whether it would work for you or not.  Unfortunately there are some instances when hair transplants don’t look natural and might not be the answer that you are looking for.  Surgery is likely to not work if:

  • You have thin or very fine hair
  • You are balding prematurely and the full extent of the hair loss has not yet been realised
  • You are completely bald, or nearly completely bald and there is not enough donor hair left to transplant
  • You have a variation in your skin colouration on your scalp

Many people think of hair transplant as the answer to their problems, however the extent that your hair can be replaced and the effectiveness of such a surgery is very dependant on the individual and you cannot be sure of your suitability until you have had a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon or trichologist.  Hair transplantation does not increase the amount of hair on your head, but serves to redistribute it around your scalp, covering areas and thinning others out.

However, providing that you have the right hair type and approach hair transplant surgery in an educated and open fashion, the surgery can produce some very real looking results.  Often the end picture cannot be identified as the product of a hair transplant and can give you real confidence and self esteem.