Why do women loose their hair?

Hair loss doesn’t just affect men, although it is more common among males.  Hair loss in both men and women can also be due to stress, especially throughout or after a major illness. Children can suffer from hair loss, usually due to the presence of a fungal infection that can be easily treated.  Hair loss can also be a symptom of disease, and may be an early warning that something is wrong.  

If you wear your hair tied back tight, this can also cause hair loss known as ‘traction alopecia’ and can result in the scarring of your scalp and trouble with hair regrowth.  This is more common among women then men. 

Women are a lot less likely to suffer from acute hair loss, although it does sometimes happen.  Due to the presence of oestrogen, the female sex hormone, hair loss in later life is not so noticeable and can be treated quite easily with the introduction of hormone replacement treatments or HRT.  Oestrogen helps promote strong healthy hair and hair growth as well as helping to strengthen nails and give women healthy skin. 

If women do suffer from severe hair loss without their hormone levels being altered there is no known cause for this and treatment cannot be performed.