Eye Lash Hair Transplant Trend

Friday 16th July 2010

Experts warn that wearing false eyelashes or lash extensions could badly damage natural eye lash follicles following reports that a growing number of women are undergoing specialist hair transplants to fill balding areas along the natural lash-line.

Surgeons are able to restore eye lashes by transplanting hair from the back of a patient's head into balding areas along the lash-line - with experts reporting that an ever-increasing number of young women are requesting the surgery after pulling out their own eye lashes, repeatedly, whilst removing false lashes.

And a surprising demand for a new lash thickening serum, Rapidlash, has shown that problem bald or sparse patches may be even more common than previously thought. Boots, yesterday reported, that it sold a tube of serum every minute as customers snapped up the eye enhancing product.

However, cosmetic surgeons explain that the transplant surgery is, in many cases, the only way to permanently restore eyelashes that have been regularly displaced and have stopped growing.

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