Hair transplant surgery for hair extension damage

Wednesday 27th January 2010

All the latest celebrities are doing it, many women are now doing it, and with hair extensions available in many high street stores for affordable prices, the craze is continuing. However, doctors are now warning that all of these people are putting their hair under unnecessary amounts of pressure which could leave them fighting to keep their own hair let alone their extensions.

Surgeon, Dr. Bessam Fajo, who specialises in hair restoration surgeries, has warned that women from the tender age of 20 are in dire need of hair replacement therapy due to the use of extensions. The condition that occurs is called Traction Alopecia which basically means that too much pulling force is placed on the hair. Before hair extensions this normally occurred when people had overly tight ponytails and so on. Thus, where the hair is put under this pressure could, over a period of time, mean significant hair loss from this area. To put it into perspective; if a ponytail (full of our own natural hair) alone can lead to traction alopecia, then it’s not hard to see the sheer effect that a whole new ponytail of hair alongside our own hair could be doing. Dr. Fajo goes on to say that whilst it may seem extreme in many cases of this disorder; hair replacement therapy will actually be the only way to restore the lost hair permanently. 

Thus, women who have been looking to stars such as Cheryl Cole for their inspirational long locks should look again and notice that Mrs. Cole herself has decided to rid her hair of the extensions. Equally, Friends star Jennifer Anniston has recently been quoted as saying “Nothing destroys your hair faster than extensions”. And perhaps she is right.  

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