Hair Transplant Surgery Cost for Men (Micrografting)

The cost of getting a micrografted hair transplant can be extremely variable because each surgery’s price depends on how many hair grafts are needed and how many sessions are necessary. Each graft generally costs about 5 USD; however, as the number of grafts increases the price decreases so if you ‘buy in bulk’ you can save money. The amount of grafts needed is determined by the extent of hair loss you have. For men, the amount is calculated based on the Hamilton-Norwood scale. Although women have the Ludwig scale, it is more difficult to determine how many grafts you will need because it is highly variable, so consult your GP or dermatologist. For men in the early stage of Norwood 2, with 500-800 grafts, the average cost in 2009 in the USA was $1,000-$1,600, although it is often not recommended to have this surgery before you have reached a Norwood 3. For the most advanced cases of baldness at Norwood 7, the average man needed 5000 grafts, a very unlikely amount to still be existent on the donor’s scalp, it was $7,000-$9,000. Rates in the UK generally correspond with these figures with the average figure being £1,500-£4,000.

Most clinics offer initial consultations in which the surgeon examines the scalp’s tension and extent of hair loss before offering a quote dependant on how many hair grafts are necessary. This price is per surgery and some people may require as many as five surgeries to cover the scalp and the average amount of sessions men need is 1-3. Each office should have a standard price offered per graft. Many advise not go to a clinic or doctor who does not offer a standard rate as they can gouge the prices after they ‘size you up’.


Guide to Micrografting for Hair Loss