Minigrafting for Hair Loss

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Before micrografting techniques appeared in the 1990s, the 1980s saw the advent of the minigrafts. With new information arising about the nature of hair growth and the discovery of follicular units, this information was put into practice in the hair transplantation world. While these were far superior to the hair plugs of the 1970s, they were not quite as advanced as current methods of micrografting or FUE.

This procedure largely followed the micrografting procedure popular today. Smaller groups of hairs, usually about 5-10 at a time, were removed in circles about 1-2.5 mm in diameter. The smaller sized grafts tended resulted in a more natural look, but the circles still did not follow the natural pattern of the follicular units and instead were placed in groups around the scalp with less ‘natural’ planning than current methods.

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