Types of Hair in Hair Systems

Real Human Hair

Real human hair is obviously the most natural-looking choice when buying a hair system and it can be styled to match your own natural hair in colour, calibre, and wave. Natural hair products are long-wearing and can last up to four years. While this is the best looking system when custom made to match your own hairline, there are some serious drawbacks to buying authentic hair. Human hair, when cut off from the scalp and its source of nutrients, is very brittle, it brakes easily, and it can frizz depending on weather conditions. These wigs cannot be washed and, unlike artificial hair which is set in one style forever, you must restyle real- hair wigs yourself every day. This type of system is also much more expensive than artificial alternatives as some of these wigs can be over £200 a piece even with NHS assistance. However, the price of human hair wigs does vary depending on quality of the wig and on what type of hair you buy. European hair in its natural colours is more expensive than Asian hair dyed blonde or other European colours. While it can be less expensive to get dyed hair, it is much harder to maintain and damages quite easily due to the chemical processes involved in dying it.

Acrylic Wigs

Acrylic wigs are more convenient than their real-hair counterparts as they come in standard sizes so can be purchased ‘off the rack’ so that you don’t need to wait 6-8 weeks for it to be crafted. They also come in a wide variety of colours and styles which will not change, they can be washed and worn in the rain without fear that it will change shape, and of course they are only about £60 through the NHS. Although the upper-range artificial systems can have very natural-looking results, the hair will still be artificial and may feel hot or uncomfortable to wear. Also, these systems only last for about 6-9 months, making their replacements overtime about equivalent to the price of a real-hair wig.

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