Traction Alopecia & Hair Loss

Traction Alopecia is another type of alopecia but is not a medical condition as with the other three previous forms of hair loss, but is instead related to how you treat your hair. Hair follicles can be delicate and if put under too much strain for too long, they can cease to grow hairs. If your hairstyle is constantly pulling down on your hair, is adding excessive weight to the top of your head, or is creating a lot of tension on the scalp, then the follicles can be damaged leading to hair loss. Some common hairdos which can harm your follicles are: weaves, hair extensions, cornrows, tight braids or ponytails, and buns. If the restrictive hairstyle causing your hair loss is stopped at an early stage, the trauma to the hair follicles may be reversible and it is likely that the hair will grow back on its own.

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