Denture Fixatives

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Although dentures are associated with old people, there are a number of reasons why you might require dentures.  The most common reasons are due to gum disease or periodontal disease.  You can prevent this from happening by ensuring a good level of oral hygiene and not allowing a build up of dental plaque.  If your gums become infected, for whatever reason, they stop being able to support the tooth so well.  This means that they are likely to come loose.  You can have either a part denture, when only a few teeth are removed, these are fixed through metal claps to the remaining teeth, or a full denture of either the top or bottom rows of teeth.  

Reasons for using Denture Fixative

Due to leaps made in modern dentistry and medicine, dentures now rarely need any fixative in order to keep them in place.  Generally your dentures ought to be stable without any help, although over time this may change.

  • To give you confidence when eating or to help you feel more comfortable with your dentures. 
  • To reduce the amount of movement when you eat, and prevent your dentures from any wobbling that might occur. 
  • If you take part in sports, using a fixative might help to keep your mouth comfortable as you move about and prevents irritation through suction
  • To prevent food being stuck underneath your dentures by filling in any gaps
  • To lessen pressure placed on the gums by your dentures

Using a Denture Fixative

You must ensure that your dentures are clean, and the best way to do this is to use a proper cleaning solution. 

  • Dry your denture completely.
  • Apply the fixative in small stripes or small dots.  Using it all over will create an oozing out of the fixative which is not ideal. 
  • Rinse out your mouth.
  • Put dentures into place and hold for a few seconds to secure them.  It will take a while for the fixative to seal properly so eating and drinking should be avoided for a small amount of time.

Removing your dentures is easy by brushing them with warm water.  This can also be done to remove any excess fixative. 

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