Hard Denture Reline

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If you have a full set of dentures it is commonly recommended that you have a hard reline done every two years. This procedure involves your dentist shaving off some of the plastic from the inner side of the denture plate. He or she creates a fresh mould of the mouth. They fill the denture (once a layer of acrylic has been removed) with soft dental putty, like that which would have been used to take a mould of your mouth originally. The denture is now placed back into your mouth so that the mould takes on the exact shape of your gums. The putty hardens to a rubber like consistency. Once this mould is created your dentist will send it off to the laboratory or denturist where the putty impression is replaced with new pink acrylic. This new denture should fit the exact contours of your mouth. When your denture fits right suction is maximised reducing blisters, sores, gagging and clicking noises. This procedure should only take one or two days because of the fast turn-around of dental laboratories – although a one day turn-around may cost you more if you are going privately.

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