Problems with Dentures

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Can Be a Lengthy Process

Dentures are not a ‘quick-fix’ solution. If you have had to have extractions before your dentures are fitted you may find the process is rather tedious. Unlike dental veneers or bridges, dentures are not permanently fixed and so the first few weeks after getting them you may not be able to take full advantage of your new smile because, like all new things, take a while to get used to. Your mouth will need time to adjust, and you can’t expect them to feel natural straight away. You also need to be aware that dentures rarely fit perfectly first time and as your mouth heals from an extraction it will change shape, as well as changing shape over time.

Can Be Uncomfortable

Some wearers find dentures uncomfortable and awkward to master. The muscles in your tongue and cheeks do play a part in holding your dentures in place, as well as suction and an adhesive. You may find that your mouth and gums feel tired and need to take your dentures out regularly to give your mouth a rest.

Problems With Pronunciation

Others may also encounter difficulties with pronouncing certain words. Speech can be difficult when you are adjusting to having an acrylic plate in your mouth and lisps in particular can occur in denture wearers. This is not necessarily a permanent problem and again really is a symptom of what is perhaps the biggest disadvantage of dentures - the adjustment period.

Requires Good Oral Hygiene and Maintenance

You may find the maintenance tedious. If you already had poor dental hygiene and are not willing to spend any time on your teeth dentures may be unsuitable. You need to look after them as you would normal teeth and for some people even this may seem too much. There are lower maintenance solutions that, once fitted, you can to some extent forget about. Due to the removable nature of dentures and the changes in the shape of your mouth you will need to monitor how your dentures are feeling in case a more serious problem develops.

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