Rebasing a Denture

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The process of rebasing a denture is sometimes referred to as jumping the denture or a jump case. This is similar to a hard reline except instead of removing a small part of the acrylic plate the entire acrylic denture place is replaced. The false teeth attached to the plastic will remain the same however, so a rebase is often the right choice for if your denture has cracks or hairline fractures in it but the actual teeth are in food condition and are fitting well in your mouth with a correct bite (ie lining up with the opposite arch of your teeth). This isn’t a whole new denture but getting rid of cracks in the dentures will improve the fit. The rebase procedure is similar to the way that relines are done. There is a difference in the amount of time rebases take however, because generally they are not offered on a one day service. Of course this is not a hard and fast rule because private dental practices can offer a number of different services at different prices.

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