Gag Reflex Caused by Your Dentures

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For some people dentures can instantly trigger the gag reflex. It might be just that you have a particularly sensitive gag reflex and you should consider this before getting dentures fitted. If you often gag when brushing your teeth or on an ordinary check up at the dentist dentures may be a trigger for you. Sometimes even if your gag reflex has not been a problem for you before, dentures can make you gag. This is because the plate in the roof of your mouth can extend too far back. If you find that you are gagging a lot the dentist will shave off an amount from the back of the plate to try and shorten it. Unfortunately this does not always solve the problem and only so much can be taken off of the roof plate because shortening it reduces the suction that is holding the plate to your mouth. If you are gagging because your denture is slipping further back in your mouth the problem is easier to solve. An ill-fitting denture is probably as a result of the changing shape of your mouth and your dentist can make adjustments to the denture to make sure it stays firmly put and doesn’t slip further back into your mouth.

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