Problems with Chewing Foods with Dentures

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Some foods are much tougher to eat when wearing dentures. Sticky foods such as toffee, or chewy food such as meat can cause dentures to slip out of place. However, this can be avoided by cutting your food into smaller pieces, as well as avoiding ‘tricky’ foods for the first few weeks after the dentures have been fitted. Try to chew your food equally on both sides of your mouth. You may feel more comfortable eating stickier or tougher foods if you are using a dental adhesive. Ask your dentist if you have any other problems – he will be able to provide suggestions that will make eating easier. Also ask him to check the alignment of your dentures, as if they are out of position then they can make chewing a lot more difficult. Don’t attempt to remedy the problem yourself, as this could simply serve to make it worse.

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