Is the Denture Fitting Procedure Painful?

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Pre-procedure Anaesthetic

Sometimes the most painful part of a dental procedure is the anaesthetic injections. This varies depending on the exact spot that the injection goes in to. It is not the pain of the needle piercing the skin that many people are aggravated by: instead it is the anaesthetic liquid being pumped into tissue that is very tight. If the injection is in an area of your mouth where the tissue is looser there is more room under the skin of the anaesthetic fluid and it should not be so painful.

Fitting Procedure

The actual denture fitting procedure is no more painful than any other dental treatment – you may find it uncomfortable however as the feeling will be very new for you. If you do experience pain it is more likely to be after the procedure when your mouth is adjusting to your dentures. Imagine breaking in a new pair of shoes – at first your feet will rub against them but in time the pain subsides as both parties change shape slightly to accommodate the other. You may be self-conscious speaking while you are getting used to your dentures but it is just a case of getting used to the change in the way your mouth feels. Your dentist will provide you with suitable medication in order to help combat the pain, and will also recommend certain foods and drinks. You will have to stick to soft foods for the first couple of weeks as your mouth adjusts to the changes, but you should be given plenty of aftercare information specific to the type of dentures you have had fitted and the condition of your mouth before they were fitted.

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