Will Dentures Hurt my Mouth?

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Dentures may hurt at first, during an initial adjustment period. This is because they can rub and chafe where the material of the denture is moving about against the skin in your mouth. This should decrease as the muscles in your cheeks and your tongue learn how to keep the dentures in place. You can expect some sore spots at first, and you will point these out to your dentist during your follow up appointments. If your dentures are poorly fitted this pain can be worse, as the movement around your mouth can cause blisters and gum irritation. To prevent severe discomfort and pain you should make regular visits to your dentist, who will adjust the size of the dentures in accordance with the changing shape of your mouth. The shape of your mouth changes during the healing process so it is completely normal to need your dentures adjusting where they are rubbing your mouth. There may also be an initial aching after you first get the dentures fitted as your tongue and the muscles in your mouth adjust to the feel of them, but if this persists for any longer than a few days then you should visit your dentist.

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