Should I Get Dentures Privately?

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Private dentists tend to charge a more for dentures on the NHS, but many argue that there is a greater quality of service, as well as after-care. Waiting lists are likely to be shorter and you may not have to wait at all to begin your procedure.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Dentures Privately?

Private denture procedures will most likely give you more freedom and choice with your dentures. This does not just apply to the range of treatments available (for instance flexible dentures, different types of partial dentures etc) but to the actual dentures themselves. The materials used may cost more, placing more emphasis on the aesthetics of your dentures. The pink acrylic used will be more naturally shaded to be less noticeable in your mouth and it may be harder, meaning it will last longer. The false teeth may also look more realistic and be of a more durable material which is less susceptible to staining and everyday wear. Because your money pays for more time spent on making the dentures you may also be able to incorporate any customisation that makes your dentures either more comfortable (sculpting around the gum area) or more realistic (making some teeth twisted slightly or having some space between the teeth).  

What Are the Disadvantages of Getting Dentures Privately?

What may be considered the main disadvantage is the price. The average price of private dentures is approximately £600, almost 3 times the price of NHS dentures. Private treatment for medical rather than cosmetic treatment may be an option on your dental insurance but dental insurance is rarer in the UK than in other parts of the world (such as the USA) and it would mean that you would lose your no claims bonus and depending on the insurance package you have it may actually be cheaper to do your research and find a cheaper private dentist.

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