Sore Spots with Dentures

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You may develop sore spots inside your mouth as a result of pressure and rubbing. This is usually as a result of chewing but can also occur if the teeth are clenched for long periods of time or if you grind your teeth. Small hard foods for example, seeds, nuts, etc. can get trapped beneath the denture, resulting in these spots developing. Sometimes bacteria on the dentures themselves can give you actual mouth sores and in this case you will need to sterilise the dentures. Mouth sores can be caused by fungal (or yeast) infections, viral infections or bacterial infections. If you have sores that appear as white patches around the mouth and tongue that do not seem to directly correlate to where your dentures are rubbing speak to your dentist who can work out what kind of sores you have. They can be symptoms of more serious illness so make sure you do see your dentist. If the problems is just that your dentures are rubbing your dentist can easily adjust them as your mouth changes shape.

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