Can I Wear Dentures Straight After a Tooth Extraction?

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You can choose whether you wish to have dentures fitted immediately after a tooth has been taken out, or whether you’d rather wait. If you don’t want to wait, an ‘immediate’ set of dentures can be fitted very shortly after the teeth have been removed. An impression of your mouth will be made, and the dentist will also take measurements so as to ensure an accurate and comfortable fit. The most obvious advantage to this is that you don’t have to wait to have your dentures (which can take over between one and two months on average). However, the main disadvantage is that as your gums and teeth heal, they can shrink, which will mean that a few adjustments will undoubtedly need to be made to your dentures.

A ‘conventional’ denture will be fitted around 6-8 weeks after the extraction, until your mouth has fully healed. It is often felt that dentures fit better when the mouth has recovered from the extraction, so it is advisable to wait if you can. If you didn’t have a full extraction (i.e. if you didn’t have all your teeth removed) then you can wear a ‘partial denture’ until your mouth is healed.

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