Taking Care of your Denture

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Your dentist will give you individual advice but there are some general tips for minimising discomfort after having your dentures fitted. Firstly, keep your head raised to prevent fluids accumulating in the head area, this may mean placing more pillows under your head when you are resting. The rest in itself is really important – especially after an extensive extraction procedure as this can be quite uncomfortable for your head and neck. Bite down very gently on your dentures over the first four hours, this pressure will help the dentures set and help you get used to the feel of them in your mouth. If your face is swollen from the procedure use cold compresses or a very cold flannel.

Because you won’t be used to the plastic part of the denture in your mouth (the part covering the gum and inner mouth) you may not notice food being too hot so be careful when eating. Stick to small bites of soft foods and cool drinks. Do not remove your dentures the first day that they are fitted as they help to stop bleeding and swelling. Your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to your dentures at your next appoitnement. You could take this opportunity to get them to show you how to remove and clean them properly. For three or four days (or for longer if you have had stitches that have not been removed yet) remove your dentures every 4-5 hours (or three or four times a day) and swill salt water softly around your mouth. This will act as an antiseptic. You can gently clean your denture with a toothbrush. If you have any pain that your dentist has not told you that you can expect, you should contact your dentist for an appointment. It may be that your dentures need further adjustments.

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