Can I get Dentures on the NHS?

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You may fit into an exemption category on the NHS, in which case your dental treatment will be free (or reduced in price). This is generally reliant on your household income, and you will need to provide an HC2 certificate for free treatment or an HC3 certificate for reduced price treatment. The NHS Website explains all the situations which may mean you qualify for reduced price or free dental treatment as well as giving instructions on how to acquire an HC2 or HC3 certificate. If you are still in doubt as to whether you would need to pay for dentures on the NHS check with your dentist or contact the NHS to find out. Many dental practices will offer both NHS and private options and it is up to you to find out from that particular surgery how the dentures and the treatment differs.  

What are the Benefits of Dentures on the NHS?

Even if you do not qualify for free treatment you will inevitably pay less for NHS than for private dentures. In the UK the NHS has fixed prices for dental procedures and all procedures will fall into one of three price categories: £16.20, £44.60 or £198. Dentures, as a rather extensive procedure, fall into the category of £198. This is considerably cheaper than getting dentures fitted privately (with the average cost of £500).

What are the Disadvantages of Dentures on the NHS?

As so many people are NHS-reliant, waiting lists can be long and you may find yourself waiting for months before any treatment. Each surgery will be able to tell you what the differences are between their NHS dentures and private dentures. It is usually that the materials used are cheaper, so the acrylic may be a more standard colour rather than matched to your mouth. You may also find that the denture base is fitted to your mouth as per the mould but any extra contouring or shaping of the acrylic plate will not be included in the price of the procedure and you will have to pay for adjustments.

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