Benefits of Dentures - Why Choose Dentures?

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Obviously every single case is different and your dentist will be best able to advise you on your options but here are some advantages and disadvantages of dentures that you can compare to the information on the other options. The benefits of dentures are copious, and the amount of people with dentures is a testimony to this.

A New Start

For people who have suffered with dental problems, they can be a ‘fresh’ start. They provide you with a new set of teeth that are natural looking, as well as comfortable.

Dental problems can be extremely detrimental to your self confidence, as your smile is a great way to communicate and meet new people. If your smile has gaps and decayed teeth it can be very noticeable to other people. Dentures then can have a huge positive effect on your psychological health as well as physical.

Fewer Visits to the Dentist Over Time

Once you get past the initial adjustment period where you may need to visit the dentist more, dentures are easy to maintain and relatively hassle-free. Beyond cleaning them – which takes around the same amount of time as cleaning your teeth would – there really is very little maintenance. You must remember to take them out to let your gums rest but this can easily be incorporated into your bedtime routine.

Freedom to Eat What You Want

As you age, your gums shrivel which can result in varying strains of tooth sensitivity. This can seriously affect what you eat. Some people will feel that they can not eat in restaurants in case there isn’t an option for them to eat that won’t cause pain and sensitivity. This occurs when the enamel is too thin and the gums have shrivelled to a point that the tissue around the nerve at the centre of the tooth can be affected by pressure put on it. This can be resolved by dentures because when teeth are extracted the ligament connecting them to your nervous system is severed. Your false teeth may rub on the gums but they are not attached to any nerves.

Specific to You

Dentures are made to match the measurements of your mouth exactly. Your denturist or dentist will work off of a mould taken of your teeth and gums and possibly use an x-ray as well to take into account the measurements of your jaw. No two pairs of dentures are the same, meaning that you get the most comfortable and realistic fit possible. Your dentist is able to tailor the treatment to you and your particular oral issues.

Healthy Lifestyle

They can help you to chew food properly, and thus obtain the full amount of nutrients that it needs. If your teeth have been crumbling and rotting you may not have wanted to eat harder foods like raw fruit and vegetables. Dentures can give you back control of your diet and improve your overall physical health.

Reduces Sagging Facial Muscles

Without teeth in the jaw your cheeks do not have as much support to combat the force of gravity! Toothless gums can result in your cheeks sinking inwards or downwards and cause facial wrinkles that may make you appear older than you are. Having dentures fitted can actually help to reverse this process by giving your cheeks and the skin on your face the support it needs to retain a young shape.

Makes You Look Good!

From a cosmetic prospective, they can greatly enhance your looks. Makeover shows often focus on teeth as a key area for improving self confidence. A brighter, more ‘Hollywood’ can make you look younger and feel confident. As well as being straighter than your original teeth and filling in any spaces where before there were gaps, dentures can be made to be whiter than the original teeth (if you had problems with discolouration before). A radiant smile can brighten your whole face. If you have always smiled with your mouth shut owing to embarrassment, you will now be able to smile and feel proud!

Easy To Adjust

With dentistry advancing all the time, dentures have never been more comfortable or easy to use, and they also look a lot more natural than they used to. Most of the reasons people are self conscious wearing dentures (clicking noises, gag reflex, slipping or loose dentures) are actually a result of your dentures not fitting your properly and can be easily solved by visiting your dentist who will make some minor adjustments.

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