What Are Denture Repair Kits?

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In an emergency you may be able to purchase a denture repair kit. These are very affordable, sometimes costing as little as £5. They contain what you need to fix cracks in the denture, broken dentures, and teeth that have come loose from the plate. You mix the resin yourself and fill in the crack or break on the denture plate, or use it to reattach a loose tooth. Beware using a denture repair kit if you aren’t sure what you are doing because poorly repaired dentures can lead to further infections and bigger problems than you had originally. Denture repair kits vary in their contents, some will contain teeth to reattach if yours are broken, some are more geared towards cracks or breaks in the plate. The setting time ranges between 30 minutes and around 60 minutes, after this time you can eat using your dentures again. For many people they provide a relatively straightforward and timely solution – but if you are unsure if you can fix the problem yourself do contact your dentist.

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