Do you Experience Eating Problems with Dentures?

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As with any dental procedure, dentures will take a little while for you to get used to. If you have ever had a dental brace or any kind of dental surgery before, you will know that your mouth quickly adapts. You may notice at first that your mouth produces more saliva than usual, but this will quickly stop once it has adapted.

It may take you a while to get used to eating with your dentures, but after a while you will become very used to it. Try to eat soft foods (e.g. soup, scrambled egg, yoghurt, etc.). Cut these into small, manageable chunks. Make sure that you chew slowly - and on both sides of your mouth. If you chew on just one side, you are at risk of dislodging the denture. Gradually, you will be able to eat as you normally do, but always be careful to chew on both sides. You will ultimately find that chewing will become a lot easier with dentures, as you will no longer have any toothless areas. Many denture wearers avoid sticky foods, such as toffee, in case they displace the dentures. However, if you use a denture fixative, this can be avoided.

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