Will Dentures Affect my Speech?

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Like any major change made to your mouth, there will initially be minor difficulties as your mouth adapts to the change. Because of the slight change in the shape of your mouth your lips, teeth and gums will need to get used to pronouncing words again. You may also find an increase in saliva production which may make you feel self conscious when speaking. It is very common to lisp slightly while you are getting used to your dentures. If your dentures are well fitted however, you should not have any major problems with pronunciation or speech. If there any words that you struggle to pronounce then repeat them over and over until you are satisfied with how you pronounce them. Perhaps practice counting to fifty every night or the first few weeks, or reading aloud in order to get used to the way your mouth feels. Dentures shouldn’t affect your speech in the long-term, but if you do have any difficulties then inform your dentist.

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