Eyelash Transplants

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Micrografting for Eyelashes

Similar to eyebrow transplants, eyelashes can be replaced through micrografting, a process in which an entire follicular unit or even an individual hair is inserted into the eyelid. This generally takes a very skilled surgeon, however, as the eyelid is a delicate tissue with multiple muscles and glands which can be easily damaged and a needle is often utilised to insert hairs one at a time into the eyelid to avoid injury.  Since eyelashes are very fine hairs, donor grafts can be taken from the eyebrows, leg hairs, or arm hairs to ensure the type of hairs inserted into the eyelid acts, looks, and feels like normal eyelash hairs.

Eyelash Graft Strip

Instead of taking individual hairs or follicular units, a strip of eyebrow hairs can be taken en masse and then inserted into the eyelid. This form of composite strip grafting can be effective, but it can also lead to scarring so individual-hair micrografts is the preferred method of eyelash transplantation for most surgeons.

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