Hair Grafts for Eyebrows & Eyelashes

How many grafts or sessions will I need?

Most eyebrow or eyelash transplants can be completed over a single grafting session lasting 1-3 hours. Eyebrows vary as to thickness, colour, and type of hair being transplanted, as well as your individual taste and preference. You may need anywhere from 70-400 grafts per eyebrow. A typical top eyelid contains about 100 lashes while a bottom lid has about 60 which would mean approximately 320 hairs for both eyes; this amount of hair is sometimes unnecessary, however, as dark, thicker hair can create the illusion of fuller lashes without the need for a lot of hair grafts. In the end, as with any other micrografting procedure, the amount of grafts will depend on the quality of your donor hair.

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Guide to Eyebrow & Eyelash Hair Replacements