Hair Transplants in America



America is a vast country with an interesting history. As a result of the civil war, there are still many differences between the North and the South and this has influenced their respective cultures and the atmosphere of the areas in general. Because of its size, different areas are famed for different things. Whatever you are interested in there will be at least one state or city that caters for it. America’s culture is heavily influenced by music, literature, cuisine, art and sports.

How to get to America

Journey times to America by plane will vary dramatically depending upon your destination. Flights from London to the east coast (destinations such as New York and Boston) will take approximately 7 hours. However, travelling to west-coast destinations such as San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles will take closer to 10 or 11 hours. This increase in travel time is also usually reflected in the price of flights too.

Accommodation in America

There are many budget hotels, hostels and motels all over America. Do some research beforehand to make sure you get what you are expecting and feel you get your money’s worth. The main hostels company is YMCA and there are thousands of these available. Go online to find out exact locations and prices. Another hostel company is Hostelling International – American Youth Hostels (HI-AYH), however bear in mind that you need to be a member. If you think you may want to stay in one of these on your trip make sure you secure your membership before travelling.

There is also an array of 4 and 5 star hotels if you want something more luxurious to relax in after your surgery. It is still best to check the online reviews to make sure that you are happy when you get there.

It is possible to book self-catering apartments but, especially if booking privately, make sure you check that the company and properties are reliable. Check online reviews to see if other people who have previously stayed there have been happy with the quality of the property, etc. This kind of accommodation is also known as villas, condominiums (or condos) or efficiencies.

There are many campsites available too for more budget accommodation. If you have chosen to have a road trip as well as your surgery (see below) then this may be a good option for you. However, remember that after undergoing a surgical procedure you may prefer to have some more comfortable accommodation to relax in. It is possible to book a more luxury campsite so, if you still want to go ahead with camping, this might be a better option after your operation.

Travelling around America

The best way to travel around America depends upon where you are departing from and travelling to. For longer distances flying between states is the quickest option.

If however you want to make a bigger holiday of it, you could drive and turn it into a road trip and travel across America. Having a car over there is often useful due to the size of America – it is just not possible to have everywhere completely covered by public transport. You will usually have to be at least 25 and the necessary documentation (usually a driving license and a major credit card) to rent a car in America.

To travel between states the bus is a cheap and still fairly comfortable option with most buses fairly well-equipped. One of the leading long-distance bus companies is Greyhound. There are lots of discounts available if you book in advance and it is sometimes possible to get a further discount when booking in a group of two people or more.

Amtrak is the company that runs the train network in America. As you would expect this is extensive and is a fairly cheap, quick and convenient mode of transportation. Compare individual journeys with the bus alternative to get the best deal. Book in advance online to save more money on fares.

There are many different options when travelling locally around the cities. There are buses but the subway is often easier. The subway network is especially prolific in the larger cities and should get you where you want to go quickly and cheaply, although it can be very crowded at peak times. Taxis are also a good option, though more expensive. Be aware that your driver will expect a tip on top of the actual fare. Throughout your trip, depending upon each destination, a combination of the subway and taxis is a good bet.

Other considerations

As an English-speaking country you do not need to worry about checking that your surgeon speaks English fluently. However, it is further, and more expensive, to travel there. Due to the sheer size of the country though, you will have your pick from that many more surgeries and surgeons.

Although significantly decreased in recent years, in the South you may want to note that you may encounter or experience some racism and religious and sexual intolerance.

Hair Transplant Techniques used in America

Strip Treatment

Strip treatment has long been the most common choice for the treatment of hair loss. It is also known as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and is particularly helpful in the treatment of those patients who have advanced thinning. This is because it allows for maximum hair coverage with minimum inconvenience. Strips of hair are removed from the back and side of your head, each of which will leave a thin scar line. These scars should be covered by the existing hair surrounding the areas where the strip has been removed. If your hair is shaved very close though the scarring may still be visible. The strips of hair that have been removed are used by then transplanting the follicles onto the areas you want treated.


If you have undergone procedures previously and as a result your donor is damaged or impaired then Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) may be a more viable option for you. It is also good for those whose hair loss is characterised by minimal thinning. FUE is most helpful in these cases as it facilitates hair removal in areas that FUT cannot. FUE works by very small clusters of hair (usually roughly 1 to 4 hairs) being removed from certain areas of your head and then transplanted to where it is required. The extraction process is very slow and very precise and as a result it is often possible to complete this treatment without there being any scarring. You should be aware though that this cannot be guaranteed. For this treatment to be most effective, and for it to be possible for the surgeon to be able to perform the extractions as precisely as possible, you will usually have to have your head completely shaved.


It is important that you also speak to your specialist about the necessary after-care to take and any other information they think you should bear in mind when recovering from your procedure. By making sure you have all of the facts about your treatment and recovery, you are much more likely to have a successful, and less stressful, surgical procedure.

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